Mobile Homes

Minnesota requires all mobile/manufactured homes to be licensed as a motor vehicle in lieu of paying a property tax. The Motor Vehicle Division of the Department of Highways carried out the registration of these dwellings while the unlicensed homes were assessed by the assessor. This handling resulted in some mobile/manufactured homes escaping licensure or taxation. As a result, the laws relating to their treatment were changed in 1972, requiring them to be assessed and taxed at the county level by the assessor. Additionally, certain functions were also changed, namely the elimination of registration and revisions relating to the movement of mobile/manufactured homes.
  1. Mobile/Manufactured Home Assessment

    Find out what qualifications are considered in an assessment.

  2. Monitoring Mobile Homes

    All mobile/manufactured homes are required to be titled through the Driver and Vehicle Services Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. The registrar of motor vehicles in each county can issue a certificate of title in the same manner as a motor vehicle.

  3. Selling Requirements

    When selling a mobile/manufactured home to another person, the buyer and seller are responsible to file information with the Department of Public Safety by transferring the certificate of title at the county registrar's office of motor vehicles.

  4. Tax Bills & Payments

    The tax bill for a mobile/manufactured home classified as real property is mailed on or before March 31st of each year. The mobile/manufactured home personal property tax statements are mailed on or before July 15th. The deadline for making the 1st half tax payment on real property is May 15th, except for real property classified as ma and pa resorts and some seasonal commercial properties that have a due date on May 31st.

  5. Taxation

    For the most part, the taxes levied on a mobile/manufactured home classified as personal property are somewhat similar to real property. The same property tax classification rates, overall tax capacity extension rates, market value tax rates, and applicable tax credits apply to both property types consistent with the respective payable year.