The County Attorney is an elected official for a 4-year term. The duties and responsibilities of this office are provided by statute. The most prevalent function of the County Attorney is that of prosecutor. 


During criminal investigations, attorneys in the County Attorney's Office will aide and advise law enforcement officers, visit crime scenes, and prepare search and arrest warrants, if needed. The prosecutors also draft criminal charging documents and handle matters through trial and sentencing.

The County Attorney's Office is also responsible for handling civil matters, which include committing persons into state hospitals, child protection matters, vulnerable adult protection matters, as well as pursue child support collections.

The County Attorney also attends County Board of Commissioners meetings and Meeker County Memorial Hospital Board meetings, and provides legal advice to both. She also advises other department heads and county employees on legal matters, and pursues enforcement of various County Ordinances and other laws for the various departments, including Zoning and Public Health. If the County is sued, it is represented by the County Attorney. 

Citizens Seeking Advice

The County Attorney's Office can act as a referral source for citizens seeking legal advice. The County Attorney is not permitted to provide legal advice to citizens, but can refer them to a department, agency, or private law firm that can help them.

The Crime Victim Coordinator exists to address general crime victim issues in Meeker County through the provision of direct advocacy for victims. This individual works with and on behalf of people who suffer from the result of crime or those indirect victims of crime who have incurred a loss or trauma.

Additionally, this position assists people with filing claims for restitution and seeking counseling or other resources when needed. This position also assists people with the filling out of requests for Orders for Protection and Harassment Orders. 


Brandi Schiefelbein, Meeker County Attorney
John Fitzgerald, Assistant County Attorney
Thomas Boenigk, Assistant County Attorney
Jeffrey Albright, Assistant County Attorney 
Mandi Pollock, Office Manager
Michelle Fischer, Executive Legal Assistant
Shelly Schweikert, Part-Time Legal Assistant
Jordan Malone, Crime Victim/Witness Coordinator