Hunting Licenses

A Minnesota resident is defined as follows:
  • A United States citizens or resident alien who has maintained a legal residence in the state for at least 60 consecutive days before purchasing a license
  • A person in the U.S. armed forces who is stationed in the state
  • A nonresident under age 21 whose parent is a Minnesota resident
  • All nonresidents, regardless of age, must have an appropriate hunting license to hunt in Minnesota.
  • A nonresident under age 16 may obtain a small game license at the resident fee if the nonresident possesses a firearms safety certificate or, if age 13 or under, is accompanied by a parent or guardian when purchasing the license.
  • A nonresident age 13 or under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to take small game.
  • Nonresident, full-time students at a Minnesota educational institution who live in the state during the school year may purchase a resident Small Game, Deer, or Bear License with proof of student status.
  • A full-time high school foreign exchange student who resides with Minnesota residents may buy a resident license to take deer or bear.
Military Personnel
Residents who have maintained legal residency in Minnesota and who are serving in the U.S. military and stationed outside the state may hunt small game without a license while on leave. They do not need a Minnesota Waterfowl Stamp or Pheasant Stamp but must have a Federal Duck Stamp to hunt waterfowl. They may hunt deer, bear, and wild turkeys without charge after obtaining the appropriate licenses and tags from an ELS license agent by presenting official leave papers, except they may not obtain moose, all-season deer, or multi-zone buck licenses or deer management permits. Such service personnel must carry proof of residency and official leave papers on their person while hunting.

Nonresident Spouses
Nonresident spouses of residents on active military duty may obtain resident hunting and fishing licenses. Nonresidents must provide proof of spouse's residency and active military duty.

A resident who has served at any time during the preceding 24 months in federal active service outside the United States and has been discharged from active service may take small game and fish without a license. Discharged residents must carry proof of residency and official military discharge papers. All tags required of a licensee must be obtained at no fee.

A free deer license will be issued to residents who have served at any time during the preceding 24 months in federal active service outside the United States and has been discharge from active military service. Eligibility is limited to one deer license per person. Discharged residents must provide proof of residency and a copy of their official military discharge papers.

Resident veterans with proof of a 100% service-related disability may obtain a free Small Game License and a free Firearms or Archery Deer License from an ELS license agent (state stamps not required).