Crime Prevention

Crime Stoppers
Web Tips
Crime Stoppers of Minnesota is capable of receiving anonymous tips via the internet. In fact, ever since we introduced this capability, 85% of the tips received have come from this web tips application. We believe people feel more anonymity in giving tip information via the internet verses talking to a live person.

24/7 Call Center
  • 800-222-TIPS (8744)
Crime Stoppers of Minnesota utilizes a 24/7 call center that specializes in taking calls from crime stoppers programs throughout the United States. The call center staff has the capability of fielding calls in English and Spanish speaking callers.

SMS Text Message Tips
Crime Stoppers of Minnesota now has the capability to also receive tips via cell phones using SMS text messaging technology. Like the web tips application, this technology also allows Crime Stoppers to securely reply back to the cell phone without compromising the tipster's identity. To report a crime using SMS text message technology, text "TIP674, plus your message," to CRIMES (274637).
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Meeker County is a Crime Watch Community
Meeker County has a crime prevention officer that works with the public in assisting residents in helping them protect themselves from being a victim of crime. This includes things such as speaking to groups about personal and property safety, maintaining the Operation ID program, helping set up Neighborhood Watch Programs, and organizing distribution of Crime Prevention Cards for the youth.

Neighborhood Watch Program
The Neighborhood Watch Program is where neighbors work together to prevent crimes and to solve them if they happen. It works through neighbors knowing each other and watching out for each other. By watching and by reporting suspicious incidents to the Sheriff's Office, it helps to make the neighborhood a safer place to live. It also provides a structure for education and action on crime and public safety concerns, and for neighborhood social activities.

Crime Prevention Cards
Crime Prevention Cards are cards that feature eight Minnesota Twins players and a McGruff card in the spring and eight Minnesota Wild players along with a card of McGruff in the fall. Each card provides safety or crime prevention information for the youth. These cards are distributed to each deputy and available to be handed out to the youth to build positive relationships with them and the deputies and to teach them safety.

Operation Identification
Operation Identification has 2 parts:
  • Mark all your easily stolen valuables so that they can be identified as yours
  • Display a sticker, which tells burglars that you have done so.
What makes Operation Identification so effective is that easily identified property is hard for a burglar to dispose of. It can be traced back to you. And, if the burglar is caught with it in his possession, it is solid evidence of possession of stolen goods. Operation Identification is part of Minnesota Crime Watch. When you employ it, you will be given a permanent Identification Number. You will mark your valuables with your own unique identification number, which will be registered with your local participating law enforcement agency.
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