1. Administrator

    The County Administrator manages all the affairs of the county which the County Board of Commissioners has authority to control.

  2. Assessor

    The Assessor's Office directs, plans, and supervises the appraisal, valuation, and classification of all property in Meeker County, as prescribed by Minnesota Statutes and directives of the Commissioner of Revenue.

  3. Attorney

    The County Attorney is an elected official for a four-year term. The duties and responsibilities of this office are provided by statute. The most prevalent function of the County Attorney is that of prosecutor. All felony and juvenile offenses are handled by the County Attorney or her Assistant.

  4. Auditor

    This position is responsible for accounting, elections, licensing, passports and taxes among other things.

  5. Recorder

    The County Recorder's office acts as the care-taker of all records of the county pertaining to land titles and transfers.

  6. Treasurer

    The County Treasurer's office is responsible for collecting real estate, personal, and mobile home taxes for the county,