Road Construction

The Meeker County Engineering Department implements surveys, designs and inspections along with many other services.


Phil Schmalz, County Engineer

Mark Spies, Assistant Engineer

Highway Construction Plan: 7 Year Transportation Improvement Plan

The following is a brief summary of the anticipated major Road Projects for the 2018 construction season. 

*SAP 47-630-08, CSAH 30, From  TH 55 to CSAH 3 (Manannah) and  
*SAP 47-600-09, 640 Ave. in Ellsworth Township from CSAH18 to one mile north.
These are full depth paving projects that have been awarded, work is expected to begin at the end of May.

*SAP 47-617-08, CSAH 17, from TH 24 to TH 55
This is a grading project that is expected to begin in mid to late July.

*SAP 47-600-10, 215 St. in Ellsworth Township south of Lake Washington and
*SAP 47-633-03, CSAH 33, south of Lake Stella
These are mill and overlay paving projects that are expected to begin in late summer/early fall.