Road Construction

The Meeker County Engineering Department completes surveys, designs and construction  inspections along with many other services.


Phil Schmalz, County Engineer

Mark Spies, Assistant Engineer

Highway Construction Plan: 7 Year Transportation Improvement Plan

The following is a brief summary of the anticipated major Road Projects for the 2018 construction season. 

*SAP 47-630-08, CSAH 30, From  TH 55 to CSAH 3 (Manannah) and  
*SAP 47-600-09, 640 Ave. in Ellsworth Township from CSAH18 to one mile north.
These are full depth paving projects that have been completed.

*SAP 47-617-08, CSAH 17, from TH 24 to TH 55
This is a grading project was partially completed in 2018 and the remaining work will be completed in 2019.

*SAP 47-600-10, 215 St. in Ellsworth Township south of Lake Washington and
*SAP 47-633-03, CSAH 33, south of Lake Stella
These are mill and overlay paving projects that were completed in October/November.