The County Auditor's position was changed in January 2022 from a 4-year elected term to a position appointed by the County Board of Commissioners.

Ditch Public Hearing Notice

County Ditch 35 public hearing notice. Please click here to bring you to the Public Notices for CD 35.


Both the Auditor's Office and Treasurer's Office maintain financial records for the county. These duties include periodic financial reports and the annual financial statement for the county.



The Auditor's Office is the keeper of the financial records for each drainage system and is responsible for filing ditch liens and assessments for maintenance.


New boundaries were drawn to accommodate for population changes through a "redistricting" process which takes place once per decade. The states "Who Represents me?" search tool can provide quick clarification for anyone who has questions regarding a particular address.  


The Auditor serves as the chief election officer of the county. In this capacity, the Auditor is responsible for training election judges and officials, printing ballots, registering voters, absentee ballot administration, filing certain candidates, and providing ballots and election supplies to the 30 voting precincts of the county. The Auditor's Office also maintains current voter information for the county on the Statewide Voter Registration System.  See Quick Links on right side of screen.

Special School District 465 Election - May 9, 2023.

All questions for the Special School District 465 Election can be answered by clicking here

The Litchfield Public School  (District 465) Bond Referendum Failed.

1,301 No Votes

1,035 Yes Votes      


The Auditor's Office provides license service for retail sales of beer, liquor, and tobacco. Other licenses include auctioneer, public fireworks display and transient merchant.

Parcel Ownership
The Auditor's Office maintains up-to-date records of the ownership, taxpayer addresses, and property legal descriptions on each parcel of land in the county. Daily changes are made involving transfers, sales, splits, mortgages, etc. The property tax link below is updated daily to show the most recent payment information, and annually in March to show ownership and parcel specific legal descriptions.



The Auditor calculates the tax capacity rates on which all taxes are levied, and computes taxes on each of the approximately 18,000 parcels of land for real and personal property. These taxes are based on the budgets of the county, townships, cities, school districts, and special taxing districts. Special assessments for cities, county and townships, as certified, are calculated and assigned to the proper parcel for collection and then remitted to the taxing districts. 

Taxes Payable 2023 Initial Rates.

The office maintains the status of delinquent tax records, applying late penalties, fees and interest, and mails and publishes notices as required by State of Minnesota Statutes.  To obtain your payment status you can access that information by clicking on Tax Payment Status.

Truth in Taxation

Proposed Property Taxes and Supplemental Budget/Levy Information for payable 2023:
New for taxes payable in 2023, in addition to the mailed Proposed Property Tax Notice, taxpayers will be provided with supplemental budget information. 

This information is provided by the county, city and school districts. A comparison of two years of budgets information for each of the jurisdictions in Meeker County can be located on their individual web pages. for more detailed information, we encourage attending the budget and levy meetings. We are also providing web site links and telephone contact information.  

2023 Supplement.