Election Information

Auditor's Role

The Auditor serves as the chief elections officer. Training election judges, equipment updates, ordering ballots, administering elections, absentee voting and keeping the voter registration files up to date are all duties of this office.

Current election information for the State of Minnesota can be found on the Secretary of State's website (see link under Quick Links). Find a list of candidates specific to your location. Simply enter your zip code, and then your address to see the list of candidates and an actual sample ballot.

Click HERE for election results

Candidate Filing Periods

Please click here to view the Candidate Filing Periods.

Mail Ballot Information

Voting entirely by mail ballot in upcoming State and Federal elections:  Cedar Mills City, Cosmos City, Kingston City, Cedar Mills Township, Cosmos Township, Danielson Township, Darwin Township, Ellsworth Township, Forest City Township and Harvey Township.  More mail ballot information may be found by clicking here. If you have additional questions please contact the Auditor's Office at 320-693-5212.

Special Elections on November 2, 2021:

Annandale Public School ISD 876 -  Please contact Crystal Torres at 320-274-5602 ext. 2901 or by email at ctorres@isd876.org   Information can also be found on CardinalStrong.org

Paynesville Public School ISD 741 -  Please contact Amanda Wuertz at 320-243-3410 ext. 1003 or by email at awuertz@isd741.org

For all other questions please contact our office.

Election Dates for 2022:

Primary - August 9, 2022
General - November 8, 2022