Court Services

Often referred to as the Probation department, the Probation Agents in this office work very closely with District Court as well as law enforcement officials, and handle all juveniles and adults misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor cases.

Department Duties
Court Services prepares reports and investigates for the court which serves to assist the judge in making decisions on cases. They are also in charge of all pretrial releases and bail screenings. Probation Agents also appear at court hearings.

This department supervises probation cases after people have been sentenced so that the court's orders are carried out. This includes conducting regular urinalysis tests for drug alcohol offenders. They arrange for people to do community service projects in lieu of paying fines and also arrange appointments for people if they are ordered by the court to take classes or counseling sessions.

The monitoring of collection of restitution from people who are ordered to reimburse someone for damages to property is handled by this office also.