1. Healthy Homes
  2. Environmental  Health

Most people spend over 90% of their time indoors. Your home (whether you own or rent) is a very important environment where you and your family may spend much of their time.

Meeker, McLeod, and Sibley counties have received a grant from the Minnesota Department of Health for home assessments.  County residents are eligible to have a free healthy homes assessment for their home or apartment or trailer.  The healthy homes assessment is based on the Seven Principles of a Healthy Home.

Healthy Homes can help you assess your home and connect you with resources or strategies to make it healthier. 

If interested please call Meeker County Public Health at 320-693-5370 or for more information visit MDH Healthy Homes.

The Seven Principles of a Health Home

1. Keep It Dry - Moisture in homes has been linked to a wide range of health problems, from respiratory problems to lead poisoning, from accidental injury to asthma. Moisture creates a favorable environment for mites, rodents, molds, and roaches, all of which are associated with asthma.

2. Keep It Clean - A clean home helps ensure that people are not exposed to contaminants and chemicals, and that pests don't have food, water and a place to live.

3. Keep It Pest Free - Studies show that there is a causal relationship between mice and cockroach exposure and asthma episodes in children with asthma.  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) addresses the issue of pests holistically, without using toxic pesticides.

4. Keep It Safe - Most childhood injuries occur at home.  Falls, poisoning, and burns are the three most common residential injuries for children.

5. Keep It Contaminate-Free - Homes have many potential contaminate exposure risks, including lead, radon, pesticides, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, and asbestos.  Children are more likely to be exposed to toxicants in higher concentration in the home than outside.

6. Keep It Ventilated - Studies show that respiratory health is related to access to fresh air, increasing a home's fresh air supply reduces moisture, improves air quality and increases respiratory health.

7. Keep It Maintained - Neglected homes are more at risk for moisture, pest, lead paint and accidental injury than homes that are properly maintained.