Meeker County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Brian Cruze is the 28th Sheriff of Meeker County. The Meeker County Sheriff's Office is comprised of dedicated sworn, civilian and volunteer staff who provide professional law enforcement services to the people of Meeker County. The divisions within the Sheriff's Office include: patrol, investigations, communications, corrections, administration, records, water patrol, ATV and snowmobile patrol, court security, reserve deputies and mounted posse.
2015 Squad

Mission Statement ​

To provide high quality professional services with honor, integrity and courage.  These services shall preserve the peace and safeguard the lives and property of all Meeker County residents through a proactive partnership with the community and our public safety partners.

Core Values and Organizational Direction

Honesty – Having integrity, moral fortitude, and great character while being truthful, trustworthy, transparent and doing what is right all the time.

Respect – Having due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights and traditions of others. Consistently compassionate and empathetic toward others, especially those in need. Always treating others as you would like your family to be treated. 

Service – Having the ability and willingness to perform at a high standard while helping others without thought or expectation of recognition. Putting others’ needs before your own and doing our best to make our community a better place. Exhibiting professionalism by exemplifying the MCSO core values, doing our best to fulfill the duties of our positions, and making the office/community a better place to work and live. Demonstrating responsibility and reliability while holding yourself and others accountable. 

Leadership – Taking charge of situations while teaching, guiding and positively influencing others. The ability to make sound decisions, persevere and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty in the face of adversity while setting the example and being the example for others. Exemplifying courage when responding to unknown / dangerous situations at the same time maintaining strength and spirit to accomplish the tasks at hand. The willingness to stand up, fight for and protect those in need.

Drone Program

The Meeker County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of implementing a drone program.  A drone will be used for law enforcement operation in accordance with MN Statute and MCSO Policy.  These include operational planning, rescue operations, recovery operations and to map/reconstruct crash and crime scenes to name a few.  Per MN Statute 626.19 Sub 9, a law enforcement agency must provide for public comment prior to implementing this program.  There is time set aside during the Meeker County Board of Commissioners meeting on June 20, 2023 for public comment.  Comments may also be sent by mail to our office, received by phone or in person.  Public comments will be accepted through July 7, 2023.  The following are available for public review:

* MCSO UAS Flyer

* MCSO Unmanned Aerial System Policy

* MN Statute 626

Code Red
Code Red is a free community notification system that is being implemented by the Meeker County Sheriff's Office.  The system will be used to notify you of emergency and non emergency events that could impact your safety.  These notifications can go to landlines, cell phones, text messages and email.  Code Red is also available through a mobile app on your smart phone.  Click on the sign up link below to enroll in the Code Red community notification system. 
Code Red Get it now


The Meeker County Sheriff’s Office 2022 Activity Report is available online. Click on this link to view the report: MCSO 2022 Activity Report


The Meeker County Sheriff’s Office Body Worn Camera Policy if available online.  Click on this link to view the policy: Body Worn Camera Policy

Click on this link to see a copy of the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office Body Worn Camera Audit from May 2022: Audit Report