How to Report a Crime in Meeker County

  • If you have an emergency, immediately call 911.
  • In any other situation, you can report a crime by calling the Meeker County Sheriff's Office Communications Center at 320-693-5400 or 866-333-3366 (toll free).
  • Your call will be dispatched to a Meeker County Sheriff's Deputy or forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
  • Be prepared to provide the Deputy or Officer with detailed information about the crime that has occurred.
  • When applicable, your report will be forwarded to an Investigative Division for follow-up.
  • An Investigator may be dispatched to the crime scene to collect evidence, photograph the scene and take statements.
Call For Service Number
When you report a crime in Meeker County, your report is assigned a specific record number for tracking purposes called a Call For Service (CFS) number.