Detention Center

The Meeker County Detention Center provides for the safe, secure, and humane detention of offenders in Meeker County.

The Detention Center construction was completed in 1999. We are licensed to house 69 inmates. We house work release inmates as well as minimum, medium, and maximum inmates. The Detention Center employs 9 full-time and 6 part-time Correctional Officers, as well as a Jail Programmer and Jail Administrator. We have a Public Health Nurse that visits the center three times a week. We have volunteers who provide GED, AA/NA, and religious services from a number of churches, as well as visits to inmates from local clergy for consoling.
Meeker County Detention Center
We Are Committed to Our Principles
  • Our staff is our greatest resource and we provide training to accomplish our goal of a safe, secure, and humane environment within the jail.
  • The Meeker County Detention Center believes that teamwork, good interpersonal communication skills, and training are the cornerstones of a successful employee.
  • All persons are held accountable for their behavior.
  • The Meeker County Detention Center provides an atmosphere that encourages positive behavior and the integration of responsible individuals who will be returning to our community.
  • The Meeker County Detention Center is an integral part of the criminal justice system. We strive to cooperate with other agencies, promote mutual respect, and welcome community involvement. We are a credit to our profession and a source of pride to Meeker County.