1. 2022 Redistricting
The 2020 census for Meeker County revealed a population of 23,400.  This is a minor change from the 2010 population count of 23,300.  This population change is not great enough to require redistricting of the county's five Commissioner Districts.  However, after the certification of the decennial census, statutory guidelines require evaluating specific criteria to determine if redistricting or changes are necessary.

Below is the Meeker County Resolution #2022-16, dated April 5, 2022, for adoption of County Commissioner Districts.

The Special Redistricting Panel has released the congressional and legislative redistricting plans.  The City of Litchfield and Meeker County will proceed with re-establishing  their precinct boundaries and adopting their redistrict plans.  You may access the 2022 Congressional Plan and the 2022 Legislative Plan.   

Additional information is provided here