On-Line Lookup

Property records are available for look up on-line back to circa 1980 in most cases.  These records can be accessed in one of two ways.
On-line Access Agreement through Laredo
  • Often attorneys, real estate agents, or abstracting companies find it cost-effective to subscribe to on-line access to real estate property records.
  • Subscribers complete an agreement with us and choose the level of minutes to which they wish to have access in a month.  In addition to the monthly fee that is chosen, pages can also be printed for 35 cents each.
  • Bills are e-mailed to the subscriber after each month has ended. (We do not establish escrow accounts.)
  • Interested parties can print the Laredo Online Access Agreement, complete it, and return it to our office to begin participating.
On-line Access through Tapestry
  • Professionals and members of the public who don't have the need to access real estate property records on a regular basis may prefer to access them through the Tapestry "pay-as-you-go" plan.
  • Users simply go to https://tapestry.fidlar.com to get started.
  • Records are accessible by name, document number, recording date range, subdivision/lot/block, metes and bounds, or parcel number.
  • Costs are $6.95 per document search and $1.00 per printed page.
  • The sponsor, Fidlar Technologies Inc., offers secure options to pay by credit card.