On-Line Lookup

Property records are available for look up on-line back to circa 1880 in most cases.  These records can be accessed in one of two ways.
On-line Access Agreement through Laredo
  • Often attorneys, real estate agents, or abstracting companies find it cost-effective to subscribe to on-line access to real estate property records.
  • Subscribers complete an agreement with us and choose the level of minutes to which they wish to have access in a month.  In addition to the monthly fee that is chosen, pages can also be printed for 35 cents each.
  • Bills are e-mailed to the subscriber after each month has ended. (We do not establish escrow accounts.)
  • Interested parties can print the Laredo Online Access Agreement, complete it, and return it to our office to begin participating.
On-line Access through Tapestry
  • Professionals and members of the public who don't have the need to access real estate property records on a regular basis may prefer to access them through the Tapestry "pay-as-you-go" plan.
  • Users simply go to https://tapestry.fidlar.com to get started.
  • Records are accessible by name, document number, recording date range, subdivision/lot/block, metes and bounds, or parcel number.
  • Costs are $8.75 per document search and $1.00 per printed page plus applicable sales tax..
  • The sponsor, Fidlar Technologies Inc. offers secure options to pay by credit card.

Tract Index Available On-Line

We provide images of all Tract Indexes on-line free of charge. These indexes can be found at the following website:


Our intent in offering access to these indexes free-of-charge is to aid real estate abstractors and all those who wish to access our archived real estate documents the means by which to do so. With either the document number or the book and page shown in these indexes, the actual document image can be retrieved in Laredo or in Tapestry.