2020 Census

DON'T BE LEFT OUT OF THE COUNT!  Now is the time to respond.  Click HERE to go to the Census website, and the links below for additional information.

We encourage citizens to continue to respond to the census requests.  The most accurate count is the goal of every census.  The results have real-world impacts-and consequences-for all communities across our country.  Now, more than ever before, Federal Funding distribution is critical and the census plays an important part in the formulas used  for the next ten years.

There are three ways that the Census Bureau will initially collect responses for the 2020 Census:  Online at my2020census.gov; by phone at (844) 330-2020 or by mail.  As of June 16, 2020, Minnesota has a response rate of 71.0% and Meeker County has a response rate of 66.5%.  

Beginning in mid-August census takers will be collecting data for residents that have not responded by personal visits to homes.

Census workers are going door to door in many communities that have large amounts of residents with post office box mail delivery.  If you get a "door" delivered census form, please complete and return the form if you have not yet responded.