This page was created in an effort to keep Meeker County citizens informed of what the County is doing in response to COVID-19.  Please know that we are concerned for the health and safety of all residents and County employees, at the same time desiring to continue to provide essential resources to all.  Check this site often as our COVID-19 Response is fluid and changes rapidly.  

We encourage you to conduct any business you have with Meeker County by internet, phone or e-mail whenever possible.  Check individual department pages from the home page of the County web page for timely information. If a face-to-face meeting is necessary, please call ahead to the appropriate department for directions.  

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this challenging time.

Press Release: Meeker County's First Confirmed Positive 

Minnesotans may leave their homes to pick up essential items such as groceries or food, prescriptions, and gas, to relocate for safety reasons, or go to work if their job is deemed essential in a sector. If you leave your home, practice social distancing measures and keep six feet between you and those around you. Everyone is encouraged to stay active outside during this time, provided they practice safe social distancing.

Permissible activities during the stay at home order include:
Health and safety activities, such as obtaining emergency services or medical supplies
- Outdoor activities, such as walking pets, hiking, running, biking, hunting, or fishing
- Necessary Supplies and Services, such as getting groceries, gasoline, or carry-out
- Essential and interstate travel, such as returning to home from outside this state
- Care of others, such as caring for a family member, friend, or pet in another household
- Displacement, such as moving between emergency or homeless shelters if you are without a home
- Relocation to ensure safety, such as relocating to a different location if your home has been unsafe due to domestic violence, sanitation, or essential operations reasons
- Tribal Activities & Lands, such as activities by members within the boundaries of their tribal reservations
-Funerals, provided that the gathering consists of no more than 10 attendees and the space utilized allows for social distancing (six feet spacing between people). Venues should make accommodations for remote attendance, if possible, for others. Individuals who are at high risk from COVID-19 are strongly encouraged to attend remotely.

Executive Order 20-20 allows for the list of exempted activities to be clarified, as deemed necessary by the Governor, to ensure the health, safety and security of all Minnesotans.

You are not required to carry any paperwork when you are traveling to and from your place of employment, or anywhere else. All Minnesotans are urged to voluntarily comply with this Executive Order.  Local law enforcement will educate the public on the Executive Orders where appropriate.

Click HERE for more information.

All County facilities are locked to public traffic.  HERE is the notice posted on all County facility entrances.

The next County Board of Commissioners Meeting is scheduled for April 7, 2020.  It will be held via video conferencing (WebEx). Details regarding how attendees will connect will be forthcoming.

See Assessor page for updated information regarding Boards of Review.
See Public Health page for updated local COVID-19 information.
See Social Services page for updated local COVID-19 information.

Local COVID-19 Nurse Triage Line (320) 373-1026: 
 This is sponsored by the Meeker County Hospital and Clinics as a point of contact for anyone who may be experiencing FEVER, COUGH, and SHORTNESS OF BREATH.  Contact the nurse triage line and they will work to ensure callers are directed to the correct source of care.  The Triage Line is open as follows:- Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm
- Saturday and Sunday 8am - noon

Center For Disease Control (CDC)

MN Department of Health (MDH)