2021 AIS Grants

Treatment, Inspection and Educational Grants for 2021 have been approved. Approval notices will be delivered to Meeker AIS Grant recipients in January. With a 1:1 Match requirement, approval of over $124,000.00 in AIS Grants translates into over $250,000.00 invested in Meeker County for mitigation and prevention efforts in 2021! The integrity of our waters reflects the work of this community in curtailing the frequency and burden of AIS. Grants are provided for permitted treatment of AIS, extensions of Watercraft Inspections hours on Meeker Lakes, and approved educational projects. The projects funded contribute to our ability to limit the spread of AIS both within the County and the State. For more information on AIS Grants please see the RFP link on the page below. 

Any applicants with questions regarding their hardship requests or supporting documents are encouraged to contact the AIS Coordinator.

Ariana Richardson
AIS Coordinator
Meeker County