CARES Act Funding

NOTE:  CARES Act Grant Funding Program period has expired. Please check back in the event that additional funding is distributed.  

Final CARES Act Grant Funding Budget

Meeker County received a CARES Act allocation of $2.82 million from the State of Minnesota. The City of Litchfield has committed $120,000 toward the County's small business grant program. The Board approved a plan for spending in the areas outlined below:

41% of the funds ($1.22 million) are allocated for a Small Business (and Non-Profits) Assistance Grant Program, which will aid up to $50,000 for businesses and non-profits within Meeker County. More information on the small business grant program can be found here.

22% of the funds ($636,000) are for Meeker County pandemic response needs. This includes direct expenditures for PPE, technology, facilities, equipment and support for Public Health, Public Safety and Emergency Management.

11% of the funds ($327,000) are allocated for the County Hospital, County HRA and Broadband.

26% of the funds ($763,000) are designated as unallocated reserves for needs not yet identified or to potentially increase funding, based on demand, for business or individual assistance.

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