Veteran impact by COVID-19 newsletter

Meeker County Veterans Services 

State of Minnesota Department of Veterans Services COVID-19 Grants

To qualify for the COVID-19 Grants, applicants must be:

      • A Veteran as defined by MN Statute 197.447, and
      • A Minnesota Resident, and
      • Have been negatively financial impacted by COVID-19.
        * Note: Two Veterans married to each other are both authorized to apply for and receive the disaster relief grant.

1.  COVID-19 Disaster Relief Grant ($1,000.00)
     Please indicate which qualifying eligibility criteria you are applying under:

☐         The applicant or their legal dependent have/had a confirmed case of COVID-19.

☐         A healthcare provider has determined that the applicant’s presence in the workplace would jeopardize their own health or the                      health of others because of likely exposure to COVID-19 (i.e. told to quarantine by a medical professional).

☐         A healthcare provider determined that the applicant’s health was jeopardized because of diagnosed underlying health condition(s)              which would have put them at increased risk if exposed to COVID-19 in the workplace

☐         An applicant is or was under legal isolation or legal quarantine (Minn. Stat. 144.419) related to a diagnosis of COVID-19 or they                  are/were caring for a dependent under legal isolation or legal quarantine (this is not common).

☐         The applicant’s employer directs them not to report to work for COVID-19-related reasons

☐         The applicant’s workplace is closed for COVID-19-related health and safety reasons and applicant is excused from work duties                     and cannot be reassigned

☐         The applicant is financially impacted by a school or care provider closure due to COVID-19

2.  COVID-19 Distant Leaning Grant ($3,000.00
     Please indicate which qualifying eligibility criteria you are applying under:

☐         A parent had to reduce or eliminate work in order to accommodate the implementation of distance learning for their child

☐         The child was newly enrolled in a private school, daycare setting, homeschooling program, or similar business in order to                               accommodate their parent’s employment and to facilitate the school district’s current learning implementation of distance learning                 or hybrid modality for their child

☐         The parent has newly employed a tutor, nanny, non-parental family member, or other similar arrangement to coach, mentor, and                  implement distance learning for their child.

3.  COVID-19 Special Needs Grant ($3,000.00)

___      Completed MDVA-1

___      Copy of veteran’s DD-214 or discharge papers or equivalent

___      Proof of MN Residency (MN DL/ID Card, Voter Reg., Utility Bill)

___      A Letter from the veteran describing how he/she has suffered financial loss as a  result of COVID-19 

___      Documentation supporting eligibility criteria (Letter from Dr,  Employer, Daycare/School etc.)

___      Documentation demonstrating financial loss if not indicated in supporting documentation of eligibility criteria (i.e. pay stubs showing               hours prior to 3/13/2020, letter from employer, confirmation of unemployment insurance: Apply at ,                             Hospitalization records and/or bills etc.)

___      Monthly Expense Worksheet MDVA 7

___      Proof of Household Income i.e. Paystubs or other documentation; if self-employed, previous year’s tax return, social security                        statements, and if available current year’s financial statement, Soc Sec Statements

___      Two most recent detailed bank statements (All Pages) for checking, savings, and other financial statements including investment                 and IRA’s (does not include value of residence or autos)

___      Current invoices/bills for which assistance is being requested

___       Surviving spouse applicants:  Copy of death certificate if spouse passed away somewhere other than MN

___      For eligibility criteria based upon dependents:   Copy of birth certificate showing parental relationship to  applicant if the child                   was born outside of Minnesota (staff can verify MN born dependents)

___      Copy of Marriage Certificate if marriage took place outside of MN

___      Home Repairs: At least two estimates           

___      Shelter Assistance: MDVA-5 Shelter Expense Form

___      Mortgage: Current Mortgage Statement

___      Rent: Lease (Mortgage or Rent payments can be requested for more than one month)

Assistance Can Be Requested For:

  1. Financial assistance is paid directly to the creditor or vendor providing services.  Financial assistance is not reimbursed to the applicant or applicant’s family member.   Assistance may be provided for the items listed below and if the expenditure is an emergent issue and incurred during the timeframe of the governor’s declared emergency (3/13/2020-TBD).   Assistance can be requested for more than one item

Rent/Mortgage/Contract for Deed      
Security Deposits
Property Taxes
Furnace/AC Unit
Home Repairs Related to Habitability
Utility Bills
Medical Bills
Major Appliances
Auto Loan Payments
Auto Repairs
Auto Insurance          

If you think you may qualify Please call 320-693-5445 or email the Meeker County Veterans Service Office: or