Adult Mental Health


What is Adult Mental Health 

Case Management?


Adult Mental Health Case Management is a service designed to meet the needs of an individual with a mental health diagnosis.  Both the individual and the worker develop a goal plan of services and support to meet these needs and to achieve and maintain their highest level of independence in the community.  

Adult Mental Health Case Management is a voluntary service, which means that you have the right to end these services at any time.  These services are provided to individuals at no cost.


This voluntary service is provided to qualified people, 18 years of age or older who are in need of assistance in a variety of areas such as managing mental health symptoms, mental health resources, employment, housing, social connections, family relationships and other co-occurring conditions.  To qualify for Mental Health Case Management, a person must have a “serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI)” documented by a current diagnostic assessment done by a mental health professional.


A Mental Health Case Manager can help you design and reach your mental health recovery goals, make necessary referrals, monitor your progress, and coordinate the various services to link you with what you need based on your goals.


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