What is Meeker Cares?

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Meeker Cares is a collaboration of community leaders brought together to address mental health needs in response to COVID-19. The aim is to build a stronger and healthier community by identifying needs, reducing the duplication of efforts, generating a shared call to action, and creating awareness of trusted resources available for mental health care and greater well-being.


•Adopt a model for sustainable funding

•Develop a strategic plan

•Increase marketing to create branding and name recognition of Meeker Cares

•Grow collaborative with additional community partners

•Increase focus on prevention

•Collaborate with the community, employers, schools, & healthcare

Who is Meeker Cares?

  • Government agencies
  • Transportation
  • Law Enforcement & Corrections
  • Domestic abuse shelters
  • Area Foundations
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Chambers
  • Businesses
  • Community Action agencies
  • Mental Health Providers
  • Non-profits
  • Faith communities and churches
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Food Shelves

2020 in Review

2021 in Review

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