2023 AIS Grants

Meeker County has released its 2023 Request for Proposals, which includes Grant Application and Fulfillment Terms. These Grants will disburse funds from the state of Minnesota's Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) prevention aid awarded to Meeker County to prevent an introduction of AIS or limit its spread. The funds available are $103,500 for 2023 projects. Those eligible to propose projects and compete for available funds include community organizations, townships, watershed organizations, lake associations, consultants' firms, and county departments. Please review the RFP before completing an application and contact the coordinator with any questions. Applications remain online. Please see the grant type page to the left and use the embedded form or follow the link to access the forms.

Contact the AIS Coordinator with any questions:

Ariana Richardson
AIS Coordinator
Email: ariana.richardson@co.meeker.mn.us