2024 AIS Grants

The State of Minnesota's Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) prevention aid is distributed to counties each year to prevent the introduction of AIS and limit its spread. The county allocated $81,375 of 2024's aid to support community-led prevention efforts with AIS Grants. Those eligible to apply for AIS Grants include community organizations, townships, watershed organizations, lake associations, consultants' firms, and county departments. Meeker County has released the 2024 Request for Proposals, which includes content requirements, deadlines, grant terms, and more. The initial application which is currently open is similar to past years' applications and required to be considered for funding. The deadline for the current application is November 15, 2023. Final applications will open on February 18, 2024. Both the initial and final applications MUST be submitted. The final application will allow the applicants to provide more accurate information and support the county's effort to minimize the financial impact of AIS.  AIS projects may include but are not limited to community events and education about AIS, leadership programs for young people or underserved communities, art or media projects depicting AIS prevention and management techniques, or in-lake treatments to control AIS. 

Treatment Grant Application 

Educational Grant Application

2023 End of Year Report

Please use these links to our secure forms, once you hit submit the form is sent to the AIS Coordinator. A copy of the submission is emailed to the address you provide on the form, as a receipt. 

Contact the AIS Coordinator with any questions:
Ariana Richardson
AIS Coordinator
Email: ariana.richardson@co.meeker.mn.us
Phone: 320-221-0614