The County Administrator manages all the affairs of the county which the County Board of Commissioners has authority to control. These duties include setting up agendas for the County Board meetings and attending such meetings, presenting a proposed annual budget to the Board, making recommendations to the Board regarding the finances of the county and working with other department heads concerning goals, objectives and policies of the Board.

Administration Building
Personnel Director
The Administrator also plays the role of Personnel Director. Together with Human Resources, this office ensures equal employment opportunities and affirmative action, and assists with union contract matters.  Human Resource staff handles job postings and advertising for county job vacancies, performs new hire orientations, and maintains employee personnel files.
Waste & Recycling
This office also serves the public regarding solid waste, household hazardous waste, and recycling issues. The Administrator and his office staff handle the scheduling and organizing of all waste collection events held within the county. He also works closely with the staff of the Meeker County Transfer Station on matters regarding solid waste hauling and recycling. Educating the county on household hazardous waste and recycling matters is a priority and the office acts as the contact for questions from the public.

Other duties of this office include:
  • Maintaining Risk Management for the county
  • Handling claims pertaining to worker's compensation, liability and property coverage
  • Directing the county safety committee
  • Acting as the central purchasing agent for the county
  • Maintaining and directing the county Information Systems committee
  • Overseeing technology purchases and issues