Programs & Services

  1. State Cost-Share
  2. RIM Buffer
  3. AgBMP Loan Program
  4. Meeker County Feedlot Program
  5. Prairie Strips
  6. Tree & Tree Matting Program
  7. Walk-in Access Program

Shaw Park

Each year Meeker SWCD is allocated funds from the State of Minnesota for the implementation of conservation practices that protect and improve water quality by controlling soil erosion and reducing sedimentation. Landowners can request financial and technical assistance for installation of state approved conservation practices. These approved practices include:

  • Critical Area Stabilization
  • Diversions
  • Field Windbreaks
  • Waterways
  • Wastewater and Feedlot Runoff Control
  • Filter Strips
  • Sediment Basins
  • Streambank
  • Shoreland and Roadside Protection
  • Stripcropping
  • Terraces
  • Unused Well Sealing

Meeker SWCD is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.