Curbside Recycling
Weekly curbside pickup offered in the following Meeker County cities:
  • Cosmos, call them at 320-877-7345
  • Dassel, call them at 320-275-2454
  • Eden Valley, call them at 320-453-5251
  • Litchfield, call them at 320-693-7201
Any Meeker County resident may bring common recyclables to the Meeker County Transfer Station during regular hours.

Glass, metal and plastic recyclables may be combined. Newspapers and boxes/paper should be separated out.

Be sure to include only those items that are acceptable, clean and properly prepared. Unacceptable or unclean items can send a whole load of recyclables to the landfill as garbage.

Responsible Recycling
Item Preparation Acceptable Items
Unacceptable Items
Glass Please rinse. Labels may remain. Brown, Green, Clear Glass Bottles and Jars
ceramics (coffee mugs), window glass or mirrors, drinking glasses, light bulbs, NO BROKEN GLASS
Metal Please rinse. Labels may remain.
Aluminum and Tin Cans
aluminum foil, aerosol cans
Plastic Please rinse. Labels may remain. Items with #1, #2 and #5 in the recycling triangles are acceptable: Soda Bottles, Milk / Water Jugs, Laundry Containers, Shampoo / conditioner Bottles
Please check the bottom of the container for acceptable number. No Styrofoam containers 
Paper Products/Paper Board   Newspaper, ad inserts, magazines, catalogs, mixed residential mail & paperboard (cereal, snack and tissue boxes as well as paper grocery bags)
paper towels, waxed paper
Please break down boxes
food contaminated containers (pizza boxes), waxed cardboard