Agricultural Homestead

Agricultural Homestead App - Owner or Relative

Agricultural land which is occupied and used as a homestead by its owner is eligible for an agricultural homestead. Several criteria must be met to obtain this classification:
  • The land must meet the definition of agricultural property
  • The parcel must contain 10 tillable acres or be highly intensively used for agricultural purposes
  • The owner must be a Minnesota resident
  • Neither the owner or owner's spouse may claim another agricultural homestead in Minnesota
To apply for the Agricultural Homestead Classification, fill out the application and return it to our office. You must own and occupy the property by December 1st and return the application to our office by December 15th for taxes payable the following year.

For property owners which do not occupy the house that is on their agricultural land, there are numerous other situations in which they can still receive homestead including relative agricultural homestead and special agricultural homestead.

Agricultural homesteads can be complex. If you feel that you have a situation which has not been mentioned here, please call our office at 320-693-5205.