This is the office of the Highway Engineer. The County Board of Commissioners appoints the Engineer to a 4-year term. The Highway Engineer is required by state law to be a licensed professional engineer with a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree and 4 years of internship before becoming licensed.

The Highway department covers a lot of different areas including the following:

  • Roads:
    • Construction ( surveys, designs, bids and inspections)
    • Maintenance (blading surface, plowing snow, mowing ditches, road signs)
    • Repairs (culverts and tiles, ditch washouts, frost boils, pavement repair)
  • Bridges: Surveys, design, construction, and obtaining special funding and maintenance
  • County Drainage Ditches: Maintenance and construction
Highway Facility

Highway Statistics

Meeker County has 272.02 miles of county state-aid highways. 774.28 miles of township roads spanning 17.5 townships and 92 bridges. This department has 24 employees, 10 equipment shops and $1.25 million worth of equipment. The annual budget is approximately $3.7 million.