Road Construction

The Meeker County Engineering Department completes surveys, designs and construction inspections along with many other services.


Phil Schmalz, County Engineer

Mark Spies, Assistant Engineer

Highway Construction Plan: Five Year Transportation Improvement Plan

The following is a brief summary of the major Road Projects for the 2023 construction season.

CSAH 14 From the South County Line to 240th St. (Curran St.) in Darwin

This section of roadway has been reclaimed and the installation of new pavement is mostly complete.  A pavement gap remains where the culvert between Lake Washington & Lake Stella was replaced.  Use caution in the area as this section of the road is currently surfaced only with gravel.  The contractor plans to return to complete paving over the culvert in October.

CSAH 4 From the North Dassel City Limits to 255th St.

This section of roadway will receive an asphalt overlay.  Existing pavement will be widened to 14' from centerline each side.   Construction is expected to begin the first week in October.

CSAH 4 North of US Highway 12 in the City of Dassel

This project was a full reconstruction of the roadway and underlying utilities done in 2022. The project is being administered by the City of Dassel and their Engineer.  All construction is now complete on this project.

CSAH 14 Bridge 90979 Replacement

This project includes the replacement of existing bridge (culvert) 90979 which connects the Lake Stella & Lake Washington under CSAH 14 south of Darwin.  The culvert replacement project is complete.