Criminal Restitution Judgments

Restitution Judgments
Occasionally in criminal cases a judge will order a defendant to make restitution.

Writ of Execution

The victim should first contact Court Administrator’s Office of Meeker County at: 320-693-5230. The Court Administrator’s Office of Meeker County will help prepare an Affidavit of Identification which will be forwarded to the victim. The victim must file the Affidavit with the Court Administrator. In this case there is no filing fee.

When a Writ of Execution is issued pursuant to the Restitution Order, it is processed the same way as any other Writ of Execution. If you have any questions regarding this type of judgment you may contact the Court Administrator's Office of Meeker County.

Revenue Recapture

Another method the court uses to collect restitution is through Revenue Recapture. The victim/witness must file a Consent Form for Revenue Recapture with the court.