Boat & Water Safety Information

Meeker County encompasses over 110 named lakes, 3 branches of the Crow River, a large number of creeks, streams and drainage ditches, ponds and wetlands. All of these waterways are part of the jurisdiction of the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office Boat and Water Patrol.

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Boat & Water Patrol

The Boat and Water Patrol has 4 patrol boats that vary in size for the different conditions of lakes, streams and other bodies of water in Meeker County.

Under Minnesota Statute 86B.105, it is the duty of the Sheriff to maintain a program of:
  • Search and Rescue
  • Buoying and marking waterways
  • Patrolling lakes and rivers
  • Removing navigational hazards
  • Inspection of watercraft for rent, lease or hire
  • Investigation of watercraft accidents and drownings
  • Reporting all finds to the commissioner
The various duties of the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office Boat and Water Unit are:
  • Promote boat and water safety for both youth and adults
  • Patrol area lakes
  • Respond and investigate all water emergencies
  • Assist rescue squad with dive details and logistics at water emergencies
  • Inspect water craft for rent, lease or hire
  • Issue of permits for both temporary structures and public lake events
Please be mindful of your safety equipment prior to launching your watercraft. Don’t let your boating experience end in tragedy, wear your life jacket!

View the annual Boat and Water Safety Participation Reports.