How to be a Good Witness

First and foremost: Do not be afraid to report a crime or suspicious activity. Some citizens will call us and say, "I'm sorry to bother you with this" or suggest in some way that their complaint is "no big deal but..."

Your Report Is Important
The Meeker County Sheriff's Office literally handles thousands of calls per year. Each call is significant in it's own way. You never know, the information you provide may be the missing link in solving a case or cases. Never feel like your call is unimportant. Responding to your call is our job.

If you are a crime victim or if you witness a crime, your observations can lead to a faster resolution of the case.

When you report a crime, a Meeker County Sheriff's Office Communications Dispatcher will ask you to describe the suspect(s) you observed. Never place your personal safety or the safety of those around you in jeopardy to get a better description of a subject, but if possible, make a mental picture of the suspect(s) by scanning the individual(s) from top to bottom, and outside to inside.

What to Note
Note the most obvious information first: race, sex, approximate age, weight, and height. Then note hair and eye color, complexion and any distinguishing features such as glasses, scars, facial hair, etc.

Notice what the person is wearing, starting with the outside layer of clothing. Many times a suspect may remove outerwear to elude law enforcement officers.

If you are describing a vehicle, remember the acronym CYMBAL:
  • C - Color
  • Y - Year
  • M - Make
  • B - Body
  • A - Additional descriptive features
  • L - License