Many people and organizations play a huge roll in the recovery process. Recovery can be a long gradual process that addresses aiding the injured, health issues, and safety concerns. It is a process that gets you back into your community, into your home, and gets your life back to normal. The following are all important local players in the recovery process:
  • City Public Works departments
  • County Highway departments
  • County Engineer
  • Meeker Cooperative
  • Meeker County Public Health
  • Meeker Memorial Hospital
  • Affiliated Medical Center
  • Meeker County Parks Department
  • Private businesses
Personal Recovery
Coping with a disaster and its aftermath can cause an emotional toll that could be even more devastating than the actual destruction and loss of property. Everyone who experiences (or sees) a disaster is affected by it in some way. The following suggestions are taken from the Federal Emergency Management Administration's website. This site offers ways to ease the emotional toll caused by a disaster.
  • Talk out your feelings
  • Seek help from professional counselors
  • Do not hold yourself responsible for the disaster
  • Do not become frustrated if you are unable to assist in the rescue work
  • Maintain a normal family life and daily routine
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Use existing support groups