Volunteer Emergency Responders
Our local volunteer fire and rescue departments are vitally important to our communities. These volunteers are people in our community who bring their individual talents together as a team in order to provide a network of emergency services to preserve life and property. These volunteers have dedicated their time to helping those in need. They are a group of people who change lives. They train, educate, provide information and communicate awareness. For these men and women, the sense of fulfillment must be great. It is an honor and privilege to have these men and women in our communities:
  • Cosmos Ambulance/Cosmos Fire Department
  • Dassel Fire and Rescue
  • Eden Valley Fire Department/Eden Valley Rescue
  • Grove City Fire Department/Grove City Rescue
  • Litchfield Fire Department/Litchfield Rescue
  • Meeker County Chaplain, Jeff Garland
  • Meeker County Boat and Water Rescue
  • Meeker County Mounted Posse
  • Meeker County Reserve Deputies
  • SKYWARN Volunteers
  • Watkins Fire Department
  • Watkins Rescue and Ambulance
Fire Prevention Week is always the full week that contains October 9.

American Red Cross
  • Local Contact: 320-693-5420
  • State Contact: 320-251-7641