2011 Training Awards

Meeker County Sheriff's Posse donated over 1,500 hours in 2011 to the citizens of Meeker County by way of training, searches, security, and other community services and events.

North American Police Equestrian Championships
Also this past year, two members of the Meeker County Sheriff's Posse attended the 28th anniversary of the North American Police Equestrian Championships in Toronto, Canada. The several-day event included training provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Toronto Mounted Police. Tactical topics covered included crowd control, troop formations, sensory, and equitation. Over 80 riders and horses competed in the following offered events: Equitation, Pair Obstacles, Solo Obstacles, Uniform Inspection and Mounted Officer Candidate Testing.

Meeker County Sheriff's Posse member Sue Barrick and her Quarter Horse, Twister, received the following standings in these competitions:
  • Uniform Inspection: 4th Place
  • Equitation: 1st Place
  • Solo Obstacles: 7th Place
  • Pairs Obstacles: 10th Place
  • Mounted Officer Candidate Testing: 12th Place
Additionally, Meeker County Sheriff's Posse member Jim Rose and his Quarter Horse, Sonny, placed 8th in Equitation.

Congratulations to these 2 members for their success in this competition. The Meeker County Sheriff's Office is proud of all posse members and appreciative of their dedication to helping the citizens of Meeker County.