Posse Members

All members of the Meeker County Sheriff's Mounted Posse are required to attend training in:
  • Sensory training for their horses
  • Crowd control
  • Defensive tactics
  • Radio usage
  • Search and rescue
  • CPR and first aid for humans and horses
  • Traffic control
  • Map and compass usage
Three Rivers Mounted Patrol Clinics
Since the year 2000, the Posse members attend the Three Rivers Mounted Patrol Clinics in Rockford, Minnesota. Along with the training, the Posse members compete in the Midwest Mounted Patrol Competition. This competition is intense and demanding on the horse and rider. The riders are judged on their control over their mounts as well as their communication with fellow team members. The horses are judged on their performance as well as their responses to their riders. The competition categories include:
  • Crowd control with smoke bombs, flares and sirens
  • Wilderness survival to include first aid, shelter preparation and stabilizing victims for horseback travel
  • Obstacles course to include barriers that will teach the horse and rider how to overcome an obstacle in a positive manner
  • Defensive tactics course
  • Course with different types of search and rescue patters.