Electronics/CRT Ban

Have you sent any e-mails, checked out a website or watched a TV program recently? If so, you most likely used a device called a cathode ray tube (CRT). The computer monitors or televisions in your home or business use a CRT to display information. Cathode Ray Tubes contain lead. CRTs are considered the single largest source of lead in Minnesota’s municipal waste, containing 5-8 pounds of lead per unit. In fact, lead makes up approximately 20% of each CRT.

When it’s time to upgrade your monitor or your TV set breaks down, disposing of these electronics properly no longer means tossing them in the trash. In fact, as of July 1, 2006, State law bans CRTs from disposal with regular trash. The ban keeps toxic lead out of landfills and will increase the amount of materials being recycled.


Minnesota was among the first states to implement a CRT ban, taking a lead role in responsible end-of-life management of CRT-containing electronic products, primarily computer monitors and TVs. Meeker County residents and businesses can take their old TVs and computer monitors to the transfer station located between Litchfield and Forest City on Highway 24. Questions may be directed to the Meeker County Solid Waste Office at 320-693-5200. Rates for disposal can be found here.