Agricultural Plastic Waste

Silage Bag Pic

Minnesota dairy and livestock farms are using silage bags and wrapped bales at a dramatically increased rate over the last decade. But although ag plastics are increasingly popular, disposing of them has become a big issue on many farms.  Burning ag plastic is illegal because it releases toxic and potentially cancer-causing chemicals into the air.  These toxins can be inhaled by humans and animals, and are deposited in the soil and surface water.  Residue from burning can also contaminate the soil and groundwater and enter the human food chain through crops and livestock.  Additionally, unburned portions of plastic become litter on the ground, with larger piles creating breeding grounds and habitat for mosquitoes.

So how can ag plastic be disposed of safely and lawfully?

The McLeod County Household Hazardous Waste/Recycling Facility is the closest facility that accepts ag plastic waste. Meeker County has been working in conjunction with McLeod County to offer a means of affordable disposal to it's residents.  We are happy to report the following:  

At their meeting on Tuesday, October 4, 2016, the Meeker County Board of Commissioners approved subsidizing the disposal cost of ag plastic waste that is self-hauled from Meeker County to the McLeod County Household Hazardous Waste/Recycling Center.  This is effective immediately.    

Questions can be directed to the Meeker County Solid Waste Office at 320-693-5200.