Dental Services

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Dental Outreach Clinics

Have you been searching for affordable dental care or have been unable to find a
dentist that will accept your insurance?  You may be eligible to use one of the Dental Outreach Clinics that are provided in Meeker County each month.  You will need to fill out a one time application form for each person to be seen to obtain an appointment time. No walk-in appointments are available. 

Have you been seen at one of the Dental Outreach Clinics in Litchfield before?

        Yes - Please contact your previous dental outreach provider directly.
         No - Continue to next question.

Which Clinic Is Right For Me?

Caring Hands Dental Clinic

  • All ages
  • Accepts all MA and Sliding Fee Scale for uninsured
  • Preferred PrimeWest Provider
  • Services include: Exam, Cleanings, X-Rays, Fluoride Varnish, some chairside denture adjustments, Education/Referral


Children's Dental Services

  • All ages
  • Accepts all Insurance and Sliding Fee Scale for uninsured
  • Services include: Exam, Cleanings, X-Rays, Fluoride Varnish, Sealants, Fillings, Crowns, Extraction, Education/Referral


Did you find a Dental Outreach Clinic that is right for you?

Before an appointment can be scheduled: 1) Please print an Appointment Instruction Form for your clinic. 2) Then print and complete one Application Form for your clinic for each person that will be seen . 3) IF uninsured, please print and complete a Sliding Fee Application Form for your clinic. All forms are available below or from Meeker County Public Health.
After forms are complete please return to:  Meeker County Public Health
                                                                     Attn: Jennifer Crowe
                                                                     114 N Holcombe Ave, Suite 250
                                                                     Litchfield, MN 55355
                                                                     Phone: 320.693.5370
                                                                     Fax: 320.693.5399
Your Dental Outreach Clinic will call you to schedule your appointment which you can record on your Appointment Instruction Form. Please remember to call your Dental Outreach Clinic 48 hours in advance at the number listed on your Appointment Instruction Form if you are unable to keep your appointment or need to reschedule. 
All Outreach Dental Clinics are located at:           Family Services Center
                                                                              114 N Holcombe Avenue
                                                                              Litchfield, MN 55355

Statewide List: Minnesota Oral Health Coalition Directory 
​The Minnesota Oral Health Directory is a tool designed to assist in your search of dental clinics that accept public insurance and no insurance.

List of other Dental Providers in Meeker, McLeod or Sibley Counties