Poster Contest


Poster Contest Winners Announced

The sixth grade classes from Eden Valley-Watkins participated in a conservation-themed poster contest sponsored by the Meeker Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). The nation-wide theme this year was "Healthy Soil, Healthy Life." The posters were judged by the Meeker SWCD Board of Supervisors.

First and second place winners were chosen from each class. 

The first place winners from Eden Valley-Watkins were Angelina Elsola, Zoe Grothe, and Lillian Lydeen. The second place posters were created by Presley Thielen, Kaylee Sogge, and Graci Nierenhausen.

Each winner received a cash prize and potted conifer. All 6th graders were also awarded a bare root tree for their efforts.

The posters crafted by Lillian Lydeen, Angelina Elsola, and Presley Thielen will move on to Area competition with judging to be done on June 16.

All schools in Meeker County are invited to conduct a poster contest with their sixth grade students each spring.  For information on next year’s contest, please contact the SWCD office at 320.693.7287.


Eden Valley/Watkins Winners:


Front Row Left to Right: Angelina Elsola, Graci Nierenhausen. Back Row Left to Right: Zoe Grothe, Kaylee Sogge, Presley Thielen, Lillian Lydeen.

Poster Judging

Meeker SWCD board members judging posters.