Chemical Health

Chemical Health-Rule 25 Assessments

Meeker County Social Services provides Rule 25 assessments to determine potential substance use disorders and what treatment options may be available to residents of Meeker County.

 Generally, these assessments are requested by persons seeking a public funding source for substance use treatment. The public funding source in Minnesota is known as the Behavioral Health Fund (formerly known as the Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund CCDTF). Prior to completion of an assessment, Meeker County Social Services will determine if a person is eligible for treatment services to be paid for through this fund. Eligibility requirements such as insurance coverage, income, and residency will be discussed at the time of intake.

  The county can assist people with Rule 25 assessments and treatment if they:    

- Are a current county resident.
- Don’t have health insurance that covers chemical dependency treatment or the insurance plan has denied coverage.                                                                                               
- Meet the Minnesota State guidelines for income and household size.
- There is a need for chemical dependency/drug treatment and if so, the level of care needed.

 ***Effective July 1, 2022, county agencies will no longer be providing Rule 25 assessments; access to substance use treatment will be through direct access with the treatment provider.

Direct Access                                                                                                         

You can now go directly to the professional treatment provider of your choice to have an assessment done.

The provider should be able to work with you to fill out the proper forms and send them to the county to determine your eligibility. They should then be able to provide your assessment. Once eligibility is determined and your assessment is done you should be able to start treatment of your choosing.

Please note: If your assessment is a result of some court proceedings, probation, or child protection processes, they might be able to dictate some of your treatment options, so you may want to check with your assigned worker.

For more information or to access this service, please call 320-693-5300 and request to speak with an intake social worker.

For more information about substance use, please visit the Department of Human Services Alcohol and Drug Abuse website.