Child Care

Looking for Child Care in Meeker County for your child?

 CLICK HERE  for a map and contact information for all of our Family Child Care Providers.

Looking to become a Licensed Child Care Provider? 

Meeker County Child Care Licensing operates as an agent of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and is responsible for licensing Family Child Care homes in Meeker County.

If you are interested in becoming a Family Child Care provider, please attend an orientation meeting to discuss this process.

Below are the dates of the upcoming Orientations. Please contact to RSVP for a spot at the meeting. 

These meetings are held via Zoom and will count towards your requirements if you decide you do want to proceed with getting licensed. You will be sent a confirmation of your RSVP and will receive the link via email shortly before the meeting begins. 

Orientations are held on the 1st Thursday of the month at 3:30 pm via Zoom.

The next available Zooms are:

Thursday, June 1st at 3:30 pm

Thursday, July 6th at 3:30 pm

Thursday, August 3rd at 3:30 pm

DHS has provided an all-inclusive guide on how to become licensed as a child care provider. Your first step in the process is to review the guide here: Guide to Becoming a Licensed Family Child Care Provider

Do I need a license to do day care?  

There are some circumstances where you do not.  You need to ensure that you do not, however, because providing unlicensed care when one is required is a crime that can be prosecuted.

Click Here to view the information on if you require a license

Other Resources:

DHS Family Child Care Website DHS Forms and Training.

UCAP/Child Care Aware Resources and information regarding grants for opening a Family Child Care. 

To arrange your initial meeting with the licensing social worker, please contact:

Syndi Raiber

Licensed family child care operates according to these rules and statutes:
Rule2: Minnesota Rules, parts 9502.0300 to 9502.0445 - Licensure of Family Child Care Facilities - Family and Group Family Child Care
Minnesota Statues, Chapter 245A (Human Services Licensing Act)
Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245C (Human Services Background Studies Act)
Minnesota Statutes, section 626.556 (Maltreatment of Minors Act)

Variance Request Information for Existing Providers

CLICK HERE for Meeker County Policy on variances for Family Child Care


DHS-7297 Variance Request Family Child Care

DHS-7297A Family Child Care Weekly Attendance Schedule

DHS-7297B Variance Request Notice for Parents