Child Care

Family Child Care Licensing

Meeker County Child Care Licensing operates as an agent of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and is responsible for licensing Family Child Care homes in Meeker County.

The family child care licensing process in Meeker County starts with contacting the licensor listed below. You will have a one on one orientation with the licensing social worker to get started learning about the process. You will work together with the support of the agency throughout the licensing process. 

To arrange your initial meeting with the licensing social worker, please contact:

Syndi Raiber

There is a licensing fee due at the time the application is submitted. Background checks, references, and a home inspection are required in order to complete the licensing process. Child care licensing rules are defined by the Minnesota Department of Human Services for the state of Minnesota.

Family Child Care Information

2018-2019 Meeker County Tribal and Child Care Fund Plan
2018-2019 Meeker County Tribal and Child Care Fund Plan Amendment
Becoming A Child Care Provider
Licensed Family Child Care
Licensed Child Care General Information
Finding a Child Care Provider

Family Child Care Statutes and Rules

Licensed family child care operates according to these rules and statutes:
Rule2: Minnesota Rules, parts 9502.0300 to 9502.0445 - Licensure of Family Child Care Facilities - Family and Group Family Child Care
Minnesota Statues, Chapter 245A (Human Services Licensing Act)
Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245C (Human Services Background Studies Act)
Minnesota Statutes, section 626.556 (Maltreatment of Minors Act)