The Meeker County Sheriff's Reserve Organization was formed in 1977. Since their beginning the Reserves have provided over 29,778 volunteer hours to Meeker County.

Our Mission
The formulation and purpose of the Meeker County Sheriff’s Reserve Force is to provide the county with a select group who, because of their interest and training in law enforcement, function as an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands, thereby maximizing the protection of the rights and safety of the public and minimizing liability on the part of Meeker County and its municipalities.
Reserve Officer
An individual whose services are utilized by a law enforcement agency for the purpose including, but not limited to, providing supplementary assistance at special events, traffic control, administrative or clerical assistance, provided the individual duties do not include enforcement of general criminal laws of the state unless accompanied by a licensed peace officer.

A Reserve Officer does not have full powers of arrest or authorization to carry a firearm while on duty. Although this is primarily a volunteer organization, members may be paid for various functions, typically, when functioning outside Meeker County or when alcohol is involved. Reserves members are asked to volunteer 8 hours a month of ride/patrol time with the Meeker County Sheriff’s Deputies. This gives the Reserve members the chance to learn about law enforcement first hand.

Reserves assist deputies during traffic stops, providing traffic control at an accident scene, conducting security checks, and any other assistance that is needed or required. Reserves are trained in first aid as well as use of force training through the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office. Meeker County Sheriff Reserves have gone on to become Deputy Sheriff’s, State Patrol Troopers, City Police Officers, and several City Police Chiefs.

Annually the Meeker County Sheriff Reserves assists the McLeod County Sheriff’s Office and the Winsted Police Department with the Winstock Country Music Festival held in early June near Winsted, Minnesota.The reserves provide additional security, crowd control, first aid, and any other assistance needed for the over 15,000 attendees, staff and Country Music performers which come from all across the United States. The Winstock Country Music Festival proceeds help fund the private education of the students of the Holy Trinity School in Winsted, Minnesota.

Reserves conduct seat belt surveys for the Sheriff’s Office as a part of the Sheriff’s Office Safe and Sober program.

The Reserves have been involved in numerous child finger projects over the years in many of the area school districts.

During the Christmas season the Reserves, in conjunction with Litchfield Chamber of Commerce, sponsor a matinee movie for kids in which admittance requires a person to bring a nonperishable food item to the theater. The nonperishable food items go to supplement the Meeker County Food Shelf.

If you are interested in becoming a Meeker County Reserve Deputy, applications are available at the Meeker County Sheriffs Office.