Policing Services

The Meeker County Sheriff's Office is a progressive law enforcement agency providing superior patrol services to the citizens and visitors of Meeker County. Our deputies protect and serve all people in the county through assistance, problem solving, education, investigation and enforcement. Deputies provide support to local police agencies in the county and provide for the safe, efficient movement of traffic on all roadways within the county. We strive for excellence in all that we do through the development of forward thinking leadership, technology, innovation, and a quality workforce.

Community Policing

Community policing is a big part of our patrol mission, which is a philosophy of policing that brings officers and citizens together to prevent crime, promote public safety and to solve neighborhood problems. Community policing addresses the root causes of crime and looks for a workable solution.

Contracting Law Enforcement Services
Under the law enforcement contract, the Sheriff provides a patrol deputy, fully equipped squad car, and all related law enforcement equipment and supplies, investigative services, and secretarial services. The amount of time contracted from the Meeker County Sheriff's Office ranges from 40 hours per week to 80 hours per week. Currently the Sheriff's Office provides contract law enforcement services and is serving the cities of Grove City, Dassel, and Watkins, with a Sheriff's station office in each city.

With contracting, the city does not have a local police chief, although patrol deputies often work long-term within the respective contract communities. The Sheriff's administration provides the supervisory capacity that normally is the responsibility of the police chief. We feel this can offer an advantage by allowing for a uniformity of policies, procedures, training and equipping of personnel. This reduces overhead and makes contracting more cost effective. The resources of a larger department also offer more flexibility with personnel issues. Contract cities are encouraged to form local police commissions to work with the Sheriff's Office on local law enforcement issues.

The deputies assigned to the patrol stations of Grove City, Watkins and Dassel have full discretion to implement participation programs of all types, depending on the needs of the communities they serve.

Contacting A Patrol Deputy
To contact the Patrol Deputy who handled your complaint, call our non-emergency telephone number for the Sheriff's Office, 320-693-5400. A message will be given to the deputy and the deputy will get back to you.