The Probation Agents in the office work closely with District Court as well as law enforcement and other county agencies to address client behaviors and utilize Evidence Based approaches to change client behavior. The Probation Office supervises juvenile, misdemeanor/gross misdemeanor, felony and supervised release clients in the community.  The 8th Judicial Court has a Treatment Court that specializes in the supervision of clients with specific chemical dependency addictions.

Department Duties

Probation monitors clients involved in the pre-trial process by completing bail evaluations and ensuring their compliance with Conditional Release Orders, to include electronic home monitoring and chemical testing. The probation agents prepare reports to the Court which serve to assist the judge in making decisions. The agents supervise cases sentenced by the court ranging from juvenile supervision to adult felony level supervision. The office also supervises clients committed to the Commissioner of Corrections under a term of Supervised Release. Supervision consists of regular meetings in the office or in the community. Drug and alcohol testing is a regular component to supervision to help ensure clients are in compliance with their conditions. The monitoring of restitution is an important component of probation to confirm clients are restoring justice to victims.

The probation office provides Domestic Violence Programming, which is an educational program target for clients who have committed a domestic violence related offense.

Sentence to Service

STS is a sentencing alternative for courts that puts nonviolent clients to work on community improvement projects. Supervised STS crews work in parks and other public areas, frequently in combination with jail time. City, county, township, school districts, state and nonprofit entities may submit project proposals. Submitted proposals should outline anticipated community improvement projects.