Drainage Systems are owned by all benefited landowners and managed by the county in which they are located. Shared responsibilities for management of public drainage is done by the Drainage Inspector, Drainage Authority and County Auditor.

In Meeker County, repairs and inspections of drainage systems are handled by the Drainage Inspector. Tasks include -
  • Advising the Drainage Authority using MN Statutes 103E;
  • Acting as a liaison between landowners, contractors, engineers, viewers, attorneys, County Auditor, and Drainage Authority;
  • Conducting public hearings and informational meetings to identify potential issues and solutions;
  • Coordinating preventative routine maintenance; including erosion control protection and water quality enhancement projects;
  • Planning for priority projects and cost analysis for repairs;

The Meeker County Board of Commissioners serve as the Drainage Authority, having jurisdiction over all systems or projects. The Drainage Authority is obligated to repair and maintain all systems.

The Auditor's Office is the keeper of the financial records for each drainage system. Responsibilities include filing ditch liens, assessments for maintenance and management of the historical records for all ditch proceedings.

What is a redetermination of benefits?

The “redetermination of benefits” process is used when a Drainage Authority determines the original benefits or damages of record no longer reflect reasonable present-day land values or that the benefited or damaged areas have changed.

The redetermination of benefits process is most often used to correct problems with outdated viewers’ reports. It may be initiated by the Drainage Authority upon determining that the factors warranting a redetermination exist. Landowner petitions may also initiate this process.

Why is redetermination of benefits important?
  • System benefits are determined at one point in time, with no provision for inflation over time. The cost of a repair cannot exceed the total value of benefits to the drainage system on record.
  • The drainage system repair fund limit is 20% of the total assessed benefits of the system, or $100,000 whichever is greater.
  • There are lands draining into systems which are benefited by the system but are not being assessed for benefits.
  • A petition for repair or improvement will trigger a redetermination to insure construction and maintenance costs are distributed fairly among all acres within the drainage system.
  • Benefits reflect current land values.

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